Best Odia Sad Quotes-Kandile Ta Kehi Feriasantini #38 With Download Link

Best Odia Sad QuotesKandile Ta Kehi Feriasantini:- This Odia Quotes is About Sad And Heart Broken .In This Odia Quotes We Learn.No one came back crying, but this heart was a little light

କାନ୍ଦିଲେ ତ କେହି ଫେରିଆସନ୍ତିନି ,ବାସ୍ ଏ ହୃଦୟ ଟିକିଏ ହାଲୁକା ହୋଇଯାଏ |

Odia Sad Quotes

Kandile Ta Kehi Feriasantini ,Bass A Hrudaya Tikia Haluka Hoijai.

Odia Sad Quotes

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